How to be a confident, new web developer

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Just DO it.

This may seem really simple, but sometimes just doing it, works. A lot of the time you will hesitate when wanting to try something different in web development. For example, if you have an idea of how to implement functionality, my advice is just to do it! Try it out. If it doesn't work, try something else - it's the best way to self learn as well after you have learned the basics and fundamentals.

Seek advice.

Seeking good experienced advice from a web developer who knows what they are talking about is a great way to solidify and help you understand a problem. If you're stuck on an issue and you really can't understand how to fix or implement it, then sometimes, asking a senior or more experienced web developer will benefit you. They can pass knowledge and expertise on to you which you'll never forget!

Take a break.

I find a lot of times if I've hit a problem in web development I can't solve, taking a quick 5-minute break and coming back to the code helps massively. You can clear your head in the space of 5 minutes, get a new perspective on things, and get fresh ideas. Most of the time it works and it can work for you too!

These are just some pointers to keep in mind when you are developing and implementing new ideas/solutions after you've learnt the fundamentals and basics.

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Tolstoy's photo

Thanks for this advises, for the third I absolutely agree with you, at the beginning of my career I was glued to my screen for hours searching for a solution to bugs , but it wasn't efficient, then I figured out that take breaks helps me immensely

Alan Montgomery's photo

Thanks for the comment. Yeah this is such an important point to take onboard.

Even as a senior developer myself, I often forget about the importance of taking regular breaks to really let your mind and body relax and recharge.

Plenty of times I've taken a break from an excruciating bug or problem, only to come back fresh and solve it within minutes.

Nice to meet you 🙌